Ah...Fort Nest...

here it is! my new studio. toddie helped me hang some hemosite board that i'm still painting so, there are still a few small details that need to be finished. Small potatoes compared to the work that's been put into it already. this is going to change my creative life!


shades of green

i'm so into green these days...Fort Nest floor is proof. i'll post photos soon.
i took this photo at work - yarn reflecting the mood. i couldn't resist.



wishing i had more time to feast out in the kitchen...maybe next week...


wedding flowers

stephanie made me a wedding arrangement prototype - isn't it beautious! i love those orange ranunculas...my new favorite flower.


portland lights

happy friday! it's actually not snowing today...but i thought muffin might like to remember a portland storm (from a safe 2,000 mile distance, of course).


goings on

congrats t on your new job! below is a photo from one of their projects.

and here is a photo of a chair that i like. it was from my trip to the Gropius House.

otherwise...toddie's going to work on what he hopes is his final day fixing up fort nest! then the rest is up to me...


Madder's Mascot

my little girl, mabel, is so pretty - don't you think? maybe she could be the face of madder. hee hee. well, i'm getting closer everyday to having the first draft of the magazine done. there's still a ways to go...but i'm chugging along. i'm very excited! i'll post pictures of the studio tomorrow...i need to go down there to start painting the walls and floor.


nice botany

helleborus...it's a hell of a beauty.



we have some of the lovliest sunsets here - even in the dead of winter. our kitchen glows softly from the electric pink light setting in the distance. it makes me smile...