show tunes don't often pop into my head, but oh, it sure is a beautiful morning.
miles and i are hanging around in the yard. i'm drinking coffee and am gearing up to clean my studio (yippy!), knit a swatch, cast on for some mittens (due soon), work on my website (we are inches away from completion)...and maybe a little gardening.
i went to the used book store yesterday and bought some bargain books...very handy ones indeed.


planted the garden yesterday morning and packed the seeds and plants with some worm castings. last year we did the same and had great results. we'll see if we are so fortunate again this season.
we also had lots of lovely company throughout the day!


mom and i went to the farmer's market early this morning...marigolds, tomatoes, hot peppers, cosmos, lettuce......


toddie spent a while this morning mowing the lawn...bye, bye pretty yellow weeds. we were planning on making dandelion wine - oh well, maybe next spring!
still burning wood in the stove to take off the morning chill. this just seems wrong. isn't it may?


WELCOME home kitty cat! It's great having my friend back in town after she'd been in St. John all winter. we celebrated by hitting Happy Wheels for some disco ball, cherry slurpee, roller action. so funny. oh yes, and how could i forget the music...probably hasn't changed in at least 15 years.


the yard is so amazing right now. it is a great reminder of why i enjoy living in Maine...living through a long, long winter which transitions into a spring/summer/autumn utopia. and winter is quite lovely, too, it's just easy to forget that come March. so, cheers to plant life! i love you so, so , so much.



pretty summer color palette.


non-cat lovers Beware of post

somehow the lion king comes to mind these days. the circle of life chimes through as todd and i continue to mourn over the loss of mabel. we are reminded daily of the wonder and sadness life's surprises can bring. mazie mae and miles have been getting to know one another...here he realizes her presence and he snuggles his face next to hers. melting my heart. and then she proceeds to give him a little bath! he is reminding me of mufasa (sorry for this disney symbolism) as he shows these little guys who is the big man on campus. at the same time, he is a complete sucker for their cuteness. as are we.
ps...please excuse the dusty, dirty chair...when your home is in renovations it is really easy to overlook these minor details. :)




so, in one weekend todd and his friend tore up our living room floor and then put it back together again. the difference you may ask? it is now level and without some kind of (horse??) bone...and with insulation. yes!
we are very excited - if only we had done this from the get-go. we are learning so much as we (and by we, I mean Todd) work on this home renovation.
next up: framing out a little loft and hardwood floors!!!