Super Simple Sunday

I haven't gotten any work done in my studio today and I don't even feel guilty. It's been a domestic day so far and there's something really gratifying about making a house clean and cooking a tastey meal. yummmm....indian food. It's really foggy outside, so being in the kitchen feels just right. I'll probably get to my knitting this afternoon - there's a crap loud of projects on the horizon and it's time to get things fired up on the needles.
I bought some plants at the farmer's market the other day and am looking forward to some warmer, sunny weather to help the plants along. I've got to get some more potting soil for my pots and then I'm ready to roll.
House hunting continues - I can't wait until I can let my little miles outside. He's really itching to roam around and I'm tired of holding him back from his dreams!



This post is for T who requested some more picts from Japan. I should learn how to use flickr and post there, but until then here are just a few.

This was taken on the train ride to Osaka where we went to a Sumo wrestling match.


So...just a few...I know.
Today is my last day of school! Yeah...yeah...yeah.
Hopefully, I'll have some nice creative endeavors happening soon. And some sun, too.