my friend catherine has this pic up on her blog...i just think it's too funny. toddie and i at our wedding shower...what a fun day. thanks again auntie's and mama.


i think this is one of my favorite pictures from our weekend in Fredrikstad...a drive by bride in Gamlebyen.


morning light is so nice.


Fredrikstad, Norway
Todd had a music connection with some guy, Anders, from Norway and he thought we should hang out with him and his wife for a day or two. i have to admit, i was skeptical of meeting strangers and spending time with them on our romantic honeymoon. :) however, i'm so glad we did! they were incredibly nice and wonderful hosts. they took us to Mærrapanna and Gamlebyen. so much fun! thank you Heidi and Anders for sharing your home and time with us.
p.s. the feet are theirs, standing on purple sand (crushed shells) so pretty.


i'm in love. angora...goats...
rhinebeck has been fun so far. tonight is a little party given by ravelry...hannah and i expect to meet a ton of knitters there. should be a good time.


i'm off to rhinebeck for the weekend with hannah. so excited!


on the table...i love this color pallette.


i'm starting to look through Oslo photos...and for some reason i thought Leigh Pea might like these. not sure why...but thought i would post them until i get a little edit together.


Gothenburg, Sweden
What a lovely place...one of my favorite parts of our trip was traveling here. The picture of the biker isn't especially great - but it does illustrate the city's staples: stripes, bikes and chucks.


it was great being on vacation and being able to take pictures all day long. it really made me appreciate my photography background...and made me realize i should continue to keep one eye behind a Leica as often as possible.