colorful in the sky

a few weeks ago there was a beautious rainbow and i never got around to posting it...better late than never, right?


flora home blog

I'm helping Flora Home in blog land...photographing and posting. so much fun! I love her floral sensabilities...


setting up

good morning. today i am soooo excited to have my first work day in Fort Nest. i'm going to start up the wood stove and organize and get some screens made for tees!! only a few weeks until shop-a-do, so i'd better get to work.


Crafters unite

fyi: this poster was designed by Field...


pretty peonies...

are to wish tiya a happy birthday! and to everybody: a happy turkey day to you!


gorgeous gropius

I worked on a book shoot with Pam Allen last week at the Gropius House in Concord, MA. What a beautiful place! I can't wait to go again...



little bits of progress...

i woke up in the middle of the night because i was feeling smooshed - and with good reason as i found 3 little cats all in a row at the end of the bed, where normally, ones feet & legs might be. it was a kitten sandwich. miles of course, didn't last long once i awoke...he jumped down b/c he doesn't like me to see that he is fond of mabel in any way, though it's moments like these that i know he is smitten with the kitten.
so, cat progress is coming along. website progress is moving along. and Madder will have its first public appearance Dec. 12th at the Space Shop-a-do. come and get some hand-printed tees and photo booklets! i'll be there sharing a table with my friend Hannah (she's knitting gorgeous hats).
here are some Good Cause thrift finds...it was funny how co-ordinated all the pieces i purchased were. i scored some nice maine-spun yarn, a crocheted hanger, a planter, some vintage fabric, a bunny vase!, a tub for who knows what-but i'll be happy to have it when i need it, and 2 framed vintage floral prints - all for around $12.00. amazing...


snuggle bunnies

this is what's going on here today in kitty world...i on the other hand, have been very productive!


i took the day off today from FH so that i could work for pam on a photo shoot for an interweave book that will be coming out next year. however, due to the rain it has been post-poned until next week. soooo...here i am w/out work. nobody needs me today i guess, but thankfully, i have plenty at home to keep me busy. there will be knitting, cleaning and organizing going on today! i took these pantry pictures the other day, but had trouble uploading them to blogger yesterday...so here they are now.


oh, art

the opening was really fun last night...lots of people came by, lots of cheese was eaten, and all the wine bottles (and jug) were emptied into bellies.
pat sold one of his drawings...of course the one i wanted...and steph sold some rad tees. i had a feeling i wouldn't sell anything, so i was sure to take photos that i'd be happy to see kicking around my home or studio. everyone kept saying they looked like paintings...i thought that was a very nice compliment.
Benni's work

pat's work

and my little puppies


The Fall of Sticks and Stones!

tonight.....142 High Street, Suite 310 6pm-8pm...