finally finished my 2 knits for CE...phew.


knit bits: finishing up 2 pieces for Classic Elite's Winter pattern book and hopefully starting a couple vests for the first issue of Madder.
wedding bits: we're working on stuff...invitations soon...
spring bits: it's cold up here still...i think it was in the low 20's last night, but the longer daylight hours gives the illusion that warmth is on its way. daffodils help too!


letterpress class

over the weekend i traveled down to western mass for a class that was totally worth the trip! amazing, in fact, and now i want a letterpress of my very own. and, of course, the one i'd like is rare to find...it's called a Pilot press.


Floor Removal

Toddie took one of the floors out, so now it feels like an open loft in the living room. We thought we'd rebuild, but now that I'm experiencing this new, brighter room, I can't let it go. Who cares if we're making our small house one room smaller? In the grand scheme it will be just right.
I'm off this weekend to a letterpress class!


cooking with crock pots

Nothing like slow cooking!



#1 Reason for Fort Nest

This morning I thought I would take pictures in the living room to post (kitty-free) about a project I am starting for one of my boss-ladies. Instead - look to see the unsuccessful results....

I had to hire a guard kitty for optimum yarn protection

So, there it is. I can't get anything done up at the house. I love the little ones, but man, they are so distracting. This last photo was a lovely gift from the author herself, friend and co-worker, Hannah Fettig. Love the book!