us at home

Toddie and I are enjoying the first blush of homeownership. It's overwhelming and daunting, yet satisfying and exciting.
The studio is getting a little attention, but soon it will be getting lots! My cousin will be helping with installing a new roof. It will be so dreamy when it's done.
I'm facing yet another knitting deadline and will be excited to get something on the needles for myself (which means Madder!).



A recent post by design*sponge previews karen's home. She is kind enough to give me credit for my birdie cyanotype. so nice.


a connection is made

We're hooked up to cable internet now! It feels like another step towards normalcy and getting our lives in order since the move. And speaking of moves...I'm finally posting pictures of the house for my far away friends.

This is the house covered by Rhodies that we've already cut back a bit since taking this picture.

This is is where many of my future creative endeavors will occur. It is the new location of Fort Nest. The old barn was once a home for horses, but after "Studio Sunday" occured last week it is now the bones for my studio. No more horse turd and mice bones. No more ant infested insulation. No more yuckiness. Hello happiness (well hopefully soon, anyway).

More pictures TK, but I have to run into town to get my hair cut. My last cut was in March while in Japan. I can't wait!


Mina Perhonen thanks to Muffin!

A while back, my friend Karen introduced me to some Mina Perhonen books she had just recieved in the mail. What beauties! And thanks to my friend Muffin, who is living in Kyoto, I was able to request she stop by the shop for a visit. She took pictures! What a pal.


check me out

Pam Allen photographed me wearing this market bag a little while back for Classic Elite's premiere web letter. We caught the last few minutes of sunset up on the West End of Portland, ME. How lovely....
Also, my pattern is in print! This is the last pattern I have in IWK's for a while. I'm trying to focus my efforts on Madder right now. The website is in progress and I hope to have it up sometime this fall.


boring yet exciting

This is a boring, pictureless post but it bears exciting news. Toddie and I are settling into our new home! Well, it's old, but new to us. I can't wait to post pictures - I'm just waiting for internet access at home. Apparently we are out in the sticks and were told we can't get DSL through our phone...so maybe we'll try cable. Can't wait to have visitors here. Hint hint.