we're back! it's been overwhelming being back so far. lots to do! i took so many photographs over there....i'm not sure where to start. i have to spend some serious time editing them. but, here are a few from Bergen, one of our favorite places we visited.


toddie and i on the train for our last 2 nights in oslo...


On the menu tonight: K√łteboller, pommes & tytteb√¶r. Yum.

honeymoon!!! toddles and i are having a grand ole time. tonight is our last night in the cabin outside of Bergen, then a train to Oslo for our last few nights. it's gone by so fast, but i'll be happy to get home to see our little kitties & buuny. i'll post more pictures then.


my lovely friend from high school was married yesterday...and toddie and i were so happy to attend a wedding, rather than be in one. it was spectacular...as you can see.
well, we're off on our honeymoon...so it may be a couple weeks before i post again.
Norway & Sweden...here we come.