toddles and i are headed to nyc tonight to spend new years with some good friends. it's been so long since i've been to my old city...hope i remember how to get there! these are just a few snaps around the homestead...


not much splurging going on this year for the holiday, but i did purchase this card set from port2port. she's ended her blog - i'll miss all the inspiration it offered!
Tonight: a celebration with my 2 sets of parents [well mine and my in-laws]. a Scandinavian feast...fresh salmon pie, swedish meatballs, potato and rutabaga casserole, green beans with dill and an endive salad. yum! and how about some gløgg and rice pudding for dessert? yes, please.
well, happy and peaceful holidays to you all...xoxo.


Mabel LOVEs making herself comfortable on my shoulders and back. silly girl.


i love the city lights in winter.


brrrrr....close the door!


i made a fair isle hat for my work's web letter...i'm pretty happy with it!


i'm off tomorrow for a Relaxing weekend away at Kripalu with my lovely dear tiya.


we are so close to lighting this baby up! we just need to do a few more things until we can...warmth is on its way.
the beautiful arrangement is by Flora Home. i'm posting a lovely orchid photo over there today.
also...it snowed last night! a little dusting remains on the ground. it's nice - hiding all the leaves we need to rake up.