yesterday, todd and i had lunch on commercial street and got a glimpse of the bay. it made me a touch nostalgic for the old days when i lived on peak's island. just a touch.
today the sun is out and i wish i could go dig in the garden and get it prepared for the seeds that we bought. soon enough, i hope. i'm also hoping for some studio time this weekend! it's been a while since i've actually been able to get work done in Fort Nest. ah!


it's been such a hectic week at work...we're having a big sale, so i've been there everyday this week. i rummaged through my small archive for some peaceful imagery. i think i found it...these were taken up at my parent's new place in Stockton Springs, ME.


getting the garden going...it's just the beginning. i can't wait to get some plants planted and be eating freshness from the land everyday. nothing much happening in Fort Nest since got back from the big road trip. Madder keeps evolving and the first draft i have been working on keeps changing. my deadline is june...so i'll keep you posted.


i'm back from miami, where toddie and i picked up my grandmother and aunt and drove them up here. actually, todd did ALL the driving and i was the navigator and knitter. i managed to take a few snaps in miami before the road trip began. it was so green and sunny there. and warm. summer will be here soon, right?


spring is finally here and todd & i are taking off for miami. ?? bizarre, i know, but we'll be back at the end of the week - hopefully just in time to see the daffodil's in bloom. see you then!



yummy. freshly squeezed orange juice.



$2.00 (well spent)


Library Books

Every Tuesday I happily make my way to the Falmouth Library to check out a weekly dose of cook, craft, & garden books. I take them home, flip through, and dream of all the fun things I could make if I only had time...maybe someday. I still love looking.