my orderly life

Brioche (not the bread - the stitch)....a new sweater i'm working on that has to be finished in a week or so! the yarn is lovely and it's fun to be using a color again (the last sweater was white- see photos).


plants & textiles

I've been working on a paper for school on this topic. It's a no wonder why I can't love one without the other...they are intricately woven together in history and continue to be entwined. I love plants...they are amazing...oh yes indeedie. (that's a cotton plant btw)



School, photostyling and knitting are consuming me. Completely. The summer shoot is coming up, so I've got to hurry up and finish my sweater. If I was a real designer I would have had to submit my design & sweater weeks ago. Lucky for me, I guess, although wouldn't I be so happy if I was done already?

One thing I'm truly psyched about (obviously) is my trip to Japan...is it March yet?
Itinerary: gardens, sake with my Muffin, and hitting the 100 yen stores.
oh yeah.

Here's a picture of me and my monkey man, Miles. luv luv luv him.