woodsy windows at work

Ride by Angela Adams in the next month and you'll see the cool animals that were loaned to us by Maine Audubon Society.



Bamboo Cardigan

This is the cover of the book my newest pattern is published in for Classic Elite.

Below is the little bamboo cardi I made in about 2 days. I totally procrastinated! Bad knitter. Bad...


coming along...

the doors are installed (all except one little peice), colors are being decided, and mud & tape is in progress! has this been the longest renovation for the smallest space, or what?



show and tell

Stephanie can do more than just make brilliant floral arrangements - she's got style too. Check it out...she worked on an article for this month's issue of Maine Home & Design.


the bug is back!

after a long 3.5 months without my little vw beetle, i am happy to say that i drove the little guy home today from the shop. he's all new and improved! new turbo and fuel injector thingies. yeah!!
in other news...fort nest has doors!!!! i'll post pictures soon. i think 2008 is going to be great. fantastic. i hope to start posting news about the upcoming release of Madder Magazine...as I get closer to a rough draft. I can't wait. can't wait. no indeedie.
and, sorry to leave you with yet another cat post, but here goes...it's too irresistible:


i heart sundays

organizing, cleaning and watching too much csi...


Textile show: Matter

A must-see show is currently up at Space Gallery featuring the work of one of my favorite artist's Karen Gelardi. Isn't it a funny coincidence that the show is called Matter and it's related to textiles? Different spelling...but crazy!

Above: Karen Gelardi
Below: Caroline Lathan-Stiefelt (pipe cleaners!)


cat post


new year's visitors

On the second to last day of 2007, my good friends tiya and nathan arrived to celebrate, eat, and relax. It was a lovely time. The first night we ate lobster - my first and last of 2007.

We also went on a nature walk around Macworth Island...
beware of yellow snow

if we made music - this would be our album cover


more kissing...