the first 2 images are from our veg garden—it's not as flourishing as last year's garden! so sad. still, we have some tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and a little basil. certainly, none are as impressive as the weeds that are growing TALLER than me in our yard.


let's not forget about the raspberries, bee balm, apples, AND all the wood we need to split for next winter.


the lilies are in full bloom, the blueberries are ripening and the ladies are growing fast.


our geranium has seen better days, but it's still alive! catherine gave this plant to us for our house warming 2 years ago, now. i can't believe we've been here that long.


little birdie flew into the screen door of my studio. poor little one. i think he is ok, but it surely knocked the wind out of him so he took a few minutes to rest.


we've been brewing our own kombucha tea now for a couple months. it's definitely saving us some dinero since they sell for nearly 4 bucks a bottle at the store.
next up: brewing beer!


not much going on here except the rain.
oli had an adventure a little while back - scared the heck out of me! couldn't find the little guy. he was hiding in all of our soaking wet greenery.