getting things done

yesterday, i woke up at 6:30am thanks to clue cat, and made all the piles of papers in our house disappear. found some bills to pay (just in the nick of time) and got it all organized. that feeling of productivity stuck with me all day...it was a very statisfying feeling.
and...after the trauma of knitting this last sweater has subsided, i can finally recoginize its existence and am actually slightly proud of it (maybe b/c i know what a triumph it was to complete in 3 days time). so here it is - made out of 100% bamboo.
also, i'm drawing a lot more for my website. birds and goats and all things cute!



my cousin's lady bought me a fancy new bracelet. i absolutely love it, but only for special occasions, of course. and the photo below of my lovely boyfriend is the one he'd like to put on our wedding invitaions - naturally just to my side of the family. his side would get a similar glamour shot of me. hmmm. how's no? my idea involves the beauty of the letter press, so i've looked into this and it appears that i mine as well buy a letter press and make them myself. this wedding thing is a wicked excuse to spend money. BUT, i've been wanting one for a while and i have a small stash of cash saved up so i'm ready for a road trip to Letter Press Things in November. Meanwhile, toddie and i are eagerly anticipating the Fryeburg Fair so we can scout out the band we want to play at next summer's festivities.


indian summer

holy hotness...it's been a warm week and i won't complain about it one bit. here are some images from the yard that i love...

parents bought us a bat house for our backyard buddies - unfortunately - found one dead in our driveway this morning...wing chewed off...hope our cats aren't turning into crazy hunters...


studio sunday

while inside, knitting, i recieved some much needed assistance from miles

This past Sunday friends came by to help with the renovation of my fort nest-to-be. I felt guilty the whole time due to a knitting deadline that was approaching quickly...but now the sweater is finished and the barn is naked - ready for a new life. We had Uncle Roger and step-dad Dave come down to help us remove some trees. They were fun to watch...cutting and strategizing how the trees should fall. We've got one more for them to cut down - hopefully before winter hits so I can plan out garden space.
Also, we woke up this morning to a present left by one of our 2 kitties - a dead mouse. We've know there to be 2 little critters sharing the house, but now, let's hope there's only 1. It was a little sad and disturbing to see a lifeless little body at 8am...but I know the house will thank the kitties later.


morning & motivation

got up early to clean my house, knit, and apparently to take pictures and blog, too. i'm listening to a house cd that my friend made for us. it's great - sound of music remix, cash, and lots of other old goodies. thanks t.
first photo i like to call "sleepy eyes"

these clothes have been hanging on the line all week...

this is the back view of our lovely garage

have a nice day and wish my cousin and boyfriend luck - they're putting a new roof on Fort Nest today!!!


fall & madder

Madder website is getting closer...this will really put some fire in my system to get some patterns going. I've got the ideas, the yarns, and now I'm anxiously awaiting the space to do it all in. A new roof for Fort Nest is scheduled this weekend, along with some much need yard work. I want to get some space ready for gardens before the spring!



Yesterday, I happily traveled up to Rockport, ME to hear Karen Gelardi speak about her current exhibit. This was my first time inside CMCA and it was a great pleasure for it to be under such exciting circumstances. I love studio visits with Karen and I was equally charmed by the walk-n-talk that took place. This exhibit is an assorted collection of her work from past to present, and I'm sure it is merely a precursor for the serious greatness that will come. She is just oozing with creativity and has a remarkable ability to cohesively navigate her artistic language into many different mediums. How does she do it? I don't know, but she is such a lovely person and I am very happy to know her. I'll never forget meeting her at Ferdinand - I knew I wanted to get to know this awesome lady.

this one is apart of my collection!


oh yeah...

a year ago today, my very dear friend was married to another dear friend under the brooklyn bridge. happy anniversary. i am finalizing your package, t, and you should get it later this week!

also, thanks to some very thoughtful family members, toddie and i have our first dresser ever. it's a real beauty, too!

flora home studio

these are some pictures from last week at work.
SO many wonderful plants...it's a very inspiring atmosphere.


random bits

kitties in mint

future living room color scheme: yellow, creamy white & red

old floor from living room

hiding house

just some randomness to start the day...still knitting a sweater that will be featured in classic elite's pattern book next spring...toddie and i set a date for our wedding (08-16-08) so mark that date on the calender everybody...we're thinking about getting a new kitten!...and i'm heading up to rockland, this weekend to hear artist/friend karen gelardi speak about her current exhibit at CMCA (which happens to feature a piece in my collection from FN show: Sticks and Stones). that's all for now...


backyard beauty

I'm thinking about making a book on: backyard beauty. There is so much to capture back there that inspires me. It's truly incredible.

Plus, all the fun stuff going on indoors:

this jam was made by toddie's Uncle Ben from the blueberries in our backyard


speckles and freckles

that's what i like to call this arrangement...note: spotted zinnia are so cute.
it's rainy this morning and it Really feels like fall is a-comin'.


good morning

hello....some good morning photos...



I'm at work today...and wandering through the wonderful web of blogs...and look! Someone very far away has the same printed linen cloth that I do (a recent Andover score). And just this morning I was showing it off to Toddie while telling him that it was my favorite treasure from the trip. So funny...I had to share.


thoughts after a long day

just needed to think beauty and see beauty after a hard day's work...looking through the photo archive usually does the trick. these were all taken at our new home. anyway, we're cooking food right now and drinking some Sailor Jerry Navy Rum....kick'n back and enjoying our space. it feels good to be home.