oliver wants to tell you something: he loves knitwear!
yes, indeed. i was taking some stills for SD1 and he couldn't resist testing out my Kashihara Cowl.
so, yes, i'm happy to report madder is up and running!
ps: have i shown you the living room floors with the stain? we ended up adding an extra coat to darken it up. but, we Love it. toddie did a really fantastic job.


todd and i celebrate our one year wedding anniversary on sunday! it has been a whole year since i last wore these shoes. i can't believe it. it's partly because i have nothing to wear with them!
but, to remedy this, i have some knit designs i'm tinkering with for next summer's release. i hope to work on a swatch diaries that is inspired by vintage lace and old photographs. i see Van Dyke Brown printing in my future! i think these shoes will be gorgeous in that theme.


fragrantly delightful rosa rugosa.


i only want to eat blueberry pancakes these days. our 4 plants are bursting with berries! so, insanely delicious. maybe i should make a pie.


yesterday my cousin and i rode to Rye Beach with her 2 kids to see some of our family. wish the sun had come out a little more, but apparently that isn't necessary for getting a sun burn! i'm a little pink today. oh well—we had fun roaming around the beach and making a sand castle. it's always nice spending time with family.