crazy in cat land

It feels like I've just spent the whole week worrying about our cats. We started Monday off at the vet to get Mabes her shots, came home to a sick Clue Monday evening and Miles has overdosed on his grumpy pills. Thankfully Clue appears to be on the mend after 2 visits to the vet, both included injecting her with antibiotics and fluids. She's not eating yet, but she is at least pondering the thought with short visits to the dinner plate. It's been scary and expensive not knowing what's wrong with her! Anyway, as Miles and I were having a heart to heart, Mabel runs in like a crazy little muppet with a ball of delicious blue angora yarn in her mouth. She's a nut - this is now the second time she's weaseled her way into my yarn stash. Apparently she has an affinity towards soft, luxurious bunny yarn...both time she has chosen angora. Literally, it's like streamers...around chairs (several times), up the stairs, down the stairs and then into the kitchen...wrapped around the table legs and all the chairs. She certainly has a way of lifting our low spirits and making us laugh. Miles will come around. How will he resist this charming personality?

mabel & clue

miles is happiest outside...away from kitten


my little mabel

she sure is a sweetie pie...


coolness in warmth

Here are 2 cool things: a jacket and a band...and in warmth b/c it's going to be 70 degrees today.
Mina Perhonen

Go to: http://emichrysalis.co.uk/sigurros/heima/video/


foggy morning

It's been a long and stressful past few weeks...but things are feeling a little more manageable again...I still have a list a mile long of things I have to do related to the website, organizing finances and doing to computer/photo stuff for work. But it will all get done, it always does.
Fort Nest is happily getting closer and closer to being finished...I know Toddie and I will be so excited to get this done with so that we can focus more of our energy indoors.


birthday dinner

kitty came over to celebrate my b-day last night and we ate lots and lots of indian food. papadams, samosa, coconut rice and butter chicken...yum.
tonight: happy leftovers.


succulent city

the last mission of my work day yesterday was to go into portland and photograph a planter of succulents created by flora home earlier in the summer. one Thyrsifolia in particular went bombastic.

And...on the homefront...there's been lots of growling and hissing...but i remain optomistic. must...get...along!

grumpy miles assumes his position....


and there's more birthday goodness!

we've got some exciting news to share. we adopted a new baby and we've named her Mabel. she's incredibly adorable and sweet and she's running around like a nut ball right now. at first miles was not happy at all, but now that he sees her running around like a crazy little-one he's intrigued. there is a bit of hissing, but i'm sure in a few days our little family will be very happy. we may need to get a king size bed to fit all 3 cats!

to me...

my friend jessica made this card for me...it's so great. i love it!


yellow house

i went to this house a few weeks back to help install the flower arrangements and such for a wedding. the house was magic inside and out. i stole a few snaps and have been meaning to post.


Fair Tuesday

This past Tuesday, Todd and I continued our tradition of going to the Fryeburg Fair. We love it! Drinking milkshakes, playing with goats, people watching, listening to music...lots of fun to be had. The band we were hoping to see canceled, but, the replacement was a band Todd's Uncle Roger plays in. Fate? Maybe yes. We'll see what the future holds for "the wedding band".


mushroom village

found a little community of fungus in our yard...it's real, i tell you. i thought it'd look alright paired with some new treats i recently purchased. Ferdinand tissue holder for this winter's sniffles and some yarn from The Fibre Co. i bought at KnitWits. i'm going to make my co-worker some baby booties for her boy-to-be.