garden polaroids!


cilantro blooming in the container gardens on the deck. i love it!


yesterday evening toddie and i found three lonely birdies. actually, there were four, but mabel got to them first. i found miles in the rhodie bush watching over one little guy. this is when we scooped up the cats and threw them all inside the house while we figured out what to do. i immediately wanted to keep this little one...i brought him down to fort nest on a stick and put him gently into a nest i found in the yard last summer. he cried and cried, so i found a worm and squashed it up. he opened his little beak, happily, and ate his snack. todd went inside to research the best thing to do. sadly, the best thing apparently is to return the bird as close to their nest as possible and hope the mama hears his call. so, as we were looking for the birdie's home we followed the call of another birdie. as we got closer, we realized it was not the nest, but another orphaned baby...and another. oh poor little ones! as all of this was unfolding, my first little friend and i were becoming fond of each other. he hopped into my hand and perched on my finger. he had little tufts of feathers on his head that reminded me of mabel. alas, it was hard, but toddie and i knew we had to return them all to the front yard together. afterwards, we heard the whistle of an older bird as we listened from inside the house...we can only hope mama bird has found them and is taking gentle care not to lose them again. we hope.


it sure doesn't feel like i've just had a long weekend...need more time! but, i'm excited for my first day at my new job tomorrow. i'll keep you posted.


my last day at angela adams was yesterday. it's strange to move on to the next chapter when the previous one was so long. but, here i am, about to start my career in the knitting world at Classic Elite Yarns. I'm very excited!


this beauty was purchased recently at a yard sale for 50 cents. i just need to clean off the crayon and it's good as new.


Toddie and I threw our bikes in the van and drove down to about 2 miles outside of OOB for the 4th. It's fun for about 2 hours...riding bikes, eating ice cream, taking pictures, having an over priced beer and just being out and about. then we want to be home! heard the fire works from inside the house...and that was fine by us.


happy day off. thank you 4th of july.


so Maine.


a wedding shower! so sweet and thoughtful and fun! thank you to my lovely mama and aunties and family and friend (thanks kitty!). so nice. people: send me pictures, please.