lazy kitty feet are so cute.


todd and i drove down to Boston in the grease bug the other day to pick up a new treasure. one that i've been wanting for some time now. a letterpress! i love it and can't wait to get all my ducks in a row so i can begin using it. fort nest is almost complete...i just need to set up my sewing station!


one of the most amazing gifts ever! theresa (my FLO HO co-worker) made a gorgeous garden book for toddie and i. i weep every time i open it. the seeds are all stitched in vellum pockets, the pages are hand bound, and her sweet little cursive instructions will help guide us to grow this thoughtful collection of seeds. our little yard is going to be so happy! thank you, theresa.

also, kitty kisses make me laugh.


good morning. looks like it is going to be a lovely day.

my first post at S.D.


fort nest loves friendly visitors! i think it's funny that the chickadee is perched next to a photo of miles' paws...if photos could come to life, i don't think that birdie would be so happy.

i like my post at flora home today...it's from my last visit.


a recent visit to flora home.


i'm not quite ready for blogging at swatch diaries, yet, but soon. i'm still working on the first issue...STILL.


around the fort...books...swatches...drawings...a bunch of ideas, but nothing finished. another day trip to the library. another day out in the yard - we've prepared our 20'x30' bed and we're ready to plant! so exciting. more on that later. have a cheery day.


still blooming...i love daffodils. happy weekend to those of you who don't have to work.


as i was cleaning out parts of the fort, i found a little bag that i made when i was first learning how to use a sewing machine. my dad found this great machine on the side of the road, i believe, and brought it home, made a beautiful base out of wood and polished it up for me. i made a small series of handbags using scraps of fabric from Grammy Evans. i wish i could find the red & white gingham check bag...it was a little longer and wider than the one shown here. i think it's finally time to dust off the old sewing machine.


swatch diaries!
Hopefully I will begin blogging there in the next week or so.

the perfect skirt for a rainy day such as today


happy spring shapes make happy spring shadows.