I bought some luscious Koigu yarn and a couple yards of Amy Butler fabric. Can't wait to have time for projects. Also, here are some picts from my new job. I love being among all the beautiful flowers!!! It's uplifting.
Yeah, for uplifting!


better late than never

These photos are from a few weeks (months?) ago. The talented Kate Cox presented this installation at The Soundpost. It was an excellent display of her talents:
1. with the sewing machine,
2. with fabric
3. with construction, color & of course creativity.


fun fun

Last weekend I went to see Karen Gelardi's new work at the Front Room Gallery in So Po. Great work in response to the Saco Bog...fabric constructed sticks that have different colors and prints and also triangular works on paper that really blew me away. I'm not usually one for the triangle shape, but there is so much depth and color play that I was totally druling and wanting to buy them all. To walk into the room was a really fun and amazing experience.

So....otherwise....summer is officially here. The house hunt continues...