these are from the original Fort Nest on India St...remember, Muffin? i was just fooling around with these ink drawings, but Muffin decided she wanted to turn them into hand-printed curtains. well, i think the scans are as far as she got...i was just cleaning up my hard drive and found them!


i'm still working on Flora Home's blog. this is an outtake of today's entry.

Miles...the face of fort nest. super lounge kitty!


found this print i made in college...can't wait to cyanotype again.


allen says happy birthday to tiya! hope you have a marvelous day my dear!


Bergen again...
the Museum of Natural History and just some random buildings.


an interesting building in Oslo.


my friend karen gelardi, a massively talented artist, recently rewarded me with the this wonderful ink on paper piece. i can't even believe it! i also participated in Assembly, her book collaboration project, and now that the show is over, it is in my clutches. i love them both. so much.


we're ready for election day...


one of the reasons i love portland...backbay.