lunch break in portland

yesterday was above freezing and beautiful...i just wish i'd had more time outside to enjoy it!


and it's over...

Christmas comes so slowly every year - especially in retail - it can't come fast enough. And then it does, and then it's over, and things finaly seem quiet. But, the festivities are such a tradition, that there is some sweetness to it, so i try to savour the moments. mom & dad & kitty came over to celebrate our first Christmas at the house...Stephanie the Flora Home santa dropped by lots of goodies (including Absolut Peppar Vodka!)...and to top it off, Toddie and I went up to Norway (ME) to soak in a hot tub, drink bloody mary's and eat jello mold, baked beans & hot buns. yum. i took polaroids but i may just save those for a later date...

everyday is christmas vacation for these guys...grooming is top priority





new knitscene knit

i sent this sweater in to Knitscene this past summer and haven't thought about it since! but, there it is, out in the world now with buttons added by the editor.


our house


orchids never go out of style

it's an old photo...but one i was thinking about today as to contrast all those festive poinsettias with glitter i keep running into at the grocery store. hideous.


a day at home to notice...

i still haven't gotten around to taking down the curtains that came with the house...

i like the way this scarf looks on the table...

my favorite new thrift items (set of 2!)

mabel can climb just about anywhere her little heart desires...


shop-a-do residue

well, it's been a bloody long week getting ready for the craft fair, going to the craft fair & standing, squeezed behind a table for 6 hours trying to sell my little heart out. actually, selling one's own products is much harder than selling another's...it's hard to talk up your own goods. i'll have to practice. anyway, the fair was a mild success...i did sell some tees and heard some positive comments. one thing that is for sure - i still have tees left and will be listing them on etsy as soon as i have a free moment. i'll keep you posted.
here are some shots of the table...next to me are Hannah's lovely hand knit hats...


the weekend....

was really fun! time in fort nest was just what i needed. i got a lot of my tees printed and made some cards...i was hard at work all weekend long. meanwhile, there was much laziness in the living room going on. while i'm busy, busting my butt to try and earn an extra buck, 3 lazy kitties snoozed away. they never do their chores. so naughty.


she looks good...

little maby mabel looking so pretty in toddie's guitar case...i think she's a rocker chic at heart.


snow blanket

today we had the first major snow fall of the season...and for the first time in 4 years i don't have to worry about the portland parking ban! mind you, my car is in the shop (still). but, even if it was in my posession - i have a driveway now!
anyway...as you can see our backyard looks glorious in white...covering the many piles of random wood scraps, tree limbs and yellow, dead grass.
also, miles took his first uncertain steps into the frosty flakes of snow.


mitten wreath

i did some drawing this morning for the website...still finalizing Madder. i thought this looked like mittens...or feathery leafy bits. but, a mitten wreath. how cool would that be? so tees are still in progress, as are booklets for Shop-a-do. pretty exciting....