i've been replaced with a planter! we had frost the other night so i brought my planters inside. oliver usually snuggles with me at night, but last night i caught him in with my geraniums. i can't say that i blame him--it's the only bit of outdoors he's able to interact with.
and, maybe this is a good time to mention the wall paper. taking it down has been low on our priority list, but i think it will be the perfect project for the fall. catherine kitty has already helped us paint the cabinets. (blue, will show soon).
oh, happy progress.


bought a couple items at the good will—vintage skirt, a stripe shirt and a L.L. Bean hat...about 10 bucks. man, it's getting expensive to shop thrifty!


toddie and i went to a wedding on Long Island (Maine) last weekend. a misty day by the ocean—so romantic.


this is from a little while ago. kitty and i had some lobsters. i also made potato salad. super yum.


the ladies lovin' their free range time.


a small harvest this year, but we are happy for it all the same.


maine magazine is the newly renovated port city life magazine. great articles, photography and art direction (jennifer muller!).


i'm a little behind on posting...these are from our anniversary. we spent a large portion of the day at Reid State Park, then bought some lobsters and scallops on the way home. i had good intentions of photographing our feast, but that thought vanished as the food hit the table.