my little sweetness...mabel...was tragically hit by a car this morning and i am feeling so empty and lost without her presence. though she was not even two years old, i like to think she made the very most of her short time here...always curious, always active, always loving.
i am so thankful to have had her in our family...as my dad reminded me, it is these very connections to animals and people that enrich our lives and bring us so much joy. i am thankful, too, that i was able to hold her at the end, her broken body still warm and soft. she will be missed and loved forever and ever and ever and ever.

tiya urged me to post this so anyone who knew mabel could say a little something to her....


the stylist (from the shoot) and i traded my fabulous, vintage Jordache jeans for this lovely summer dress. i remember getting those jeans at the Park Slope flea market one sleepy Sunday morning. they have been good to me, but now i look forward to warm, sunny skies so i can sport my new dress.


yesterday, todd and i baked some bread and Flamiche (melting leek Tart). sorry for all the food stuff...not much going on here besides eating. soon, spring will come and there will be a lot to show you.


toddie put a coat of primer on the living room walls...
little by little we are making progress.


todd and i were cooking the other night and mabel thought she'd lend us a hand. so helpful.
we made fennel soup with saffron dumplings and goat cheese/leek tart from Local Flavors by Deborah Madison (the library is the best!!!). a nice meal - really more for spring or summer. it made me think about the garden and what veggies i'd like to grow this year. can't wait!